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Infrastructure management Services(IMS)

  • IMS – Monitor

Infrastructure Management Services - Monitoring

Assurance of efficient Infrastructure Monitoring

Overview of IMS-Monitor

Infrastructure Monitoring is the key to effective IT Infrastructure management. Simba enables monitor the availability and performance of your IT systems so that we can take proactive actions to maintain high uptimes. IMS-Monitor service is available in shared and distributed model. Distributed model ensures private monitoring infrastructure in customer segment. IMS-Monitor service leverage a common Simba Tech's Service Management Platform hence customization in monitoring parameter is not possible. Service is also available for monitoring of infrastructure hosted outside Simba Tech data centre.

With IMS-Monitor service we offer:

24 X 7 automated monitoring thru state of art Network Operation Center (NOC) Instant notification via e-mail/SMS Automated, configurable reports and online real time dashboard views Comprehensive coverage of over 1000 parameters

Assurance of efficient Infrastructure Monitoring

Assurance of efficient Infrastructure Monitoring
IMS-Monitor Advantages
  • Dynamic Base lining / Thresholds
  • Event Correlation
  • Early Warning / Predictive Alerts
  • Consolidated Monitoring Console across various systems
IMS-Monitor Product Features
  • 100% scalable architecture. Add remote sites or OS / App / Device as your network grows.
  • No dedicated license cost.
  • ZERO lock in. Walk out if you are not happy with results!
  • With readymade platform concentrate more on core business instead of searching, comparing and evaluating platforms.
  • Pay only for YOUR device under monitoring; mitigate risk of ROI.
  • 24 X 7 monitoring with single view dashboard for entire IT infrastructure.
  • Sophisticated alerting & reporting keeps you on top of the situation.
  • Comprehensive information on health of your systems, thresholds, alerts.
  • Simba's IMS-Monitor service is an integrated offering that leverages people, process and technology to deliver high availability of the monitoring platform. Service provides availability status, performance data, and alerts through single console. It is an easy to deploy service that allows monitoring of all layers of your infrastructure
Service Catalogue
  • System Monitoring
  • OS, DB, select application, Application server, Middleware & Hypervisor monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Switch, Router, Firewall, LB monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • URL / Port / IP / Link monitoring
  • Application Performance Monitoring
Deliverable Components Deliverable Activity Deliverable Description
Onboarding of Customer Devices Creation of secure tunnel connectivity between monitoring infrastructure networks and monitored infrastructure networks Availability of Customer infrastructure in Simba monitoring view portal
Configuration of monitoring tool to monitor targeted infrastructure Threshold violation Alerts and notification for devices under monitoring
Access & Administration Add / remove customer's user access to Simba's monitoring portal 3 user accounts with read access on Simba portal
Management 24X7 monitoring platform support 99.5% uptime for monitoring platform
Reporting Near real time monitoring of device statistics and parameters Online dash board, availability and health & performance through Simba Monitor Platform