Enterprise Financial Crime Management

Clari5 EFM Solution Suite

  • Clari5 Employee Fraud Management : Enables real-time employee or internal fraud prevention
  • Clari5 Real-Time Transaction Monitoring : Protects banks against core-banking frauds like customer, account and employee level frauds
  • Clari5 sMitch : Allows customers to Switch On/Switch Off Card transactions by category and indicate their spend rules through mobile banking or internet banking
  • Clari5 Cross-Channel Fraud Monitoring : Proactively combats Cross-Channel and Cross Product fraud in real-time
  • Clari5 Payment Card Fraud Management : Provides payment instrument issuer, payment processor or a merchant acquirer the necessary arsenal to monitor, detect and prevent fraud.
  • Clari5 Online Banking Fraud Prevention : Empowers banks to detect and prevent fraud before the online banking transaction is completed and take necessary action to prevent the damage
Clari5 for Employee Fraud Detection

The growing prevalence of internal fraud has mandated use of technology solutions to counter such instances. The need of the hour is a comprehensive solution that scrutinizes suspicious employee behavior and immediately prevents fraud from taking place.

Clari5 Employee Fraud Management enables real-time prevention of employee or internal fraud. It enables the bank to systematically enforce a fraud-free culture while controlling and detecting access to critical customer information.

  • Early warning system to detect anomalous employee behavior
  • Preventive vigilance on employee activities
  • Monitors Employee, Office and Customer accounts for any repeated suspicious behavior
  • Integrates banking systems like Core banking systems, CRM and HRMS to identify anomalies
  • Integrated hierarchical case management for investigation and closures
  • Reduced insider fraud and fraudulent events
  • Reduced monetary & reputational Loss
  • Regulatory compliance & auditing
Clari5 Real-time Transaction Monitoring

Core banking is one of the most important channels for banking since the bulk of high-value transactions pass through it. In spite of its vulnerability, most of the core-banking transactions are monitored post-facto that leaves enough room for fraudsters to get away with the fraud.

Clari5 Real-time Transaction Monitoring solution protects banks against core-banking frauds like customer, account and employee level frauds. It makes use of real-time intelligence and predictive analytics to detect and stop/hold suspicious transactions as they happen in the core banking system.

  • Monitors financial and non-financial core-banking transactions with cross-pollinated intelligence gathered across all other channels
  • Provides real-time alerts on employee fraud such as unauthorized customer account access, repeated charge waivers to customers, high volume TOD issues, etc.
  • Monitors all transactions and alerts the department concerned of any fraudulent pattern identified or of any potential fraud threat
  • Delivers real-time alerts for ATO Fraud, Threshold Breach, Money Mule Accounts, etc.
  • Prevents suspicious transactions from advancing and creates cases for the Fraud Investigation Team.
Clari5 sMitch

Bank frauds can happen anytime, anywhere. While banks want to gear up with the best possible technology for fighting fraud, the role of the end-customer is highly undermined.

Clari5 sMitch is a customer-looped card fraud management solution that enables banks to combat fraud by empowering the end-customer. Clari5 sMitch is a mobility solution that can easily be configured with the bank’s online/mobile banking system. The solution allows the end-customers to set their bank account rules based on their debit/credit card usage patterns and preferences across different banking channels.

Clari5 sMitch thus dynamically protects the customer against frauds like skimming, account takeover & internal fraud by blocking the fraudster’s access to customer’s account via stolen card/credentials.

  • Enables customers to turn account transactions on/off across different channels with a single app
  • Allows customers to category–wise override default account settings
  • Spend rules can be set by customers through mobile or online banking
  • Enables customers to set their current country/currency for additional security
Clari5 Payment Card Fraud Management

Payment Cards (Debit, Credit and Prepaid) have raised the levels of convenience for customers. However, the convenience also comes with a high potential for fraud and funds theft during transactions.

Clari5 Payment Card Fraud Management is a comprehensive solution that combats card fraud in real-time. It provides the payment instrument issuer, payment processor or the merchant acquirer the necessary arsenal to monitor, detect and prevent all card frauds including Card-Not-Present (CNP) situations.

  • Profiling customer behaviour based on multiple scenarios
  • Merchant/ POS/ Operator Behaviour Profiling
  • Real-time fraud risk advice that allows, declines or challenges a transaction
  • Integrated Case Management for fraud analysts
  • Comprehensive Reporting & Business Intelligence