Xelerate Customer Experience

Xelerate®, our award winning product suite, helps achieve customer experience orchestration

Leading global banks have leveraged Xelerate® to drive customer experience and thus increase the life time value of the customers. You can create innovative and personalized offerings in real-time, backed by intelligent insights from customer data. Pre-empting and managing risks will also lead to improved profitability. Our consistent R&D initiatives keep the product suite futuristic to match the needs of the changing industry landscape. You can stay agile and a step ahead of competition. Our customers will vouch for this.

Acquire and retain customers, smartly, successfully

Xelerate® is designed for responding to dynamic customer needs, swiftly and smartly. Its holistic approach to increasing customer lifetime value lets you acquire, serve, and retain customers with greater precision. An omni-channel perspective generates unique insights about a wide range of customers. Use it to design targeted, context-based offerings quickly, thus increasing your market agility.

What’s more, Xelerate® helps you manage customer relationships across geographical boundaries. Allowing you to even deliver contextual and consolidated statements that improve transparency and build trust.

Resulting competitive advantage – greater loyalty, lesser revenue leakage. Across services. Across geographies.

Improve engagement through real-time customer experience orchestration

Xelerate® gives you a single, holistic view of customers, based on the 360-degree data captured through our platform. Moreover, our capabilities integrate this data with offers and products, undoing information silos. All that you need to create real-time, personalised offerings and drive customer engagement is at your finger tips.

Make data-driven decisions that pre-empt risk. Become the preferred partner for your customers, by delivering flexible engagement options across channels. Xelerate® even lets you apply relationship based pricing to increase lifetime value from each customer.

Blends into your existing eco-system and enhances it

A flexible, technology agnostic platform makes Xelerate® a smart choice for businesses. Built with a service oriented architecture (SOA), it works seamlessly with your upstream and downstream systems, including legacy ones. Scalability, smooth operations, and pertinent upgrades through on-point R&D – it’s all there.

Xelerate® integrates product and customer information across all your organisational silos. And extracts actionable insights from data, that help drive business innovation. End result: a holistic product and customer management experience that connects the entire value chain, helping enterprises own the eco-system. Easy on the hardware, razor sharp with performance.