Electronic Document Management System

ECM Suite Overview:

  • Document Management
  • Imaging
  • Capture
  • Record Management
  • Workflow & BPM
  • Email Archival
  • Reports Archival and Distribution
  • Collaboration & KM
  • Publishing/Web Content Management


  • n-tier SOA Architecture
  • J2EE based
  • Web Services
  • XML/Java API
  • Unicode based

Platform Agnostic – J2EE & Unicode Based

  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Enterprise Deployments leveraging customer’s infrastructure – on leading AS/OS/DB
  • Deployment on Open Source platforms
  • Vanilla deployments for mid-market
  • Deployment in SaaS model
  • Localized for different countries
  • App Servers: BEA, Oracle, WebSphere, JBOSS
  • Databases: SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • OS: Windows, Solaris, AIX, Redhat Linux, HP-UX
  • Webserver: Apache, WebSphere, Jboss
  • Browsers: IE, Mozilla, Netscape

Scalable Architecture

  • 100+ installlations in mission – mode
  • Live sites with 1500+ concurrent users, Billions of Documents
  • No limit on users/volumes/servers
  • n-tier Architecture
  • SOA & J2EE based
  • Clustering, Farm mode Deployment
  • Multi-location deployment

Integration & Standards

  • Integration – ready architecture
  • Integrations done with legacy apps and apps having contemporary J2EE/.NET architectures

Enterprise Class Security

  • Installed at leading banks
  • Complies with all security standards and audit policies

OmniDocs – Document Management System

Document Management – Features
Library Services
  • Organize documents into folders, sub-folders hierarchy
  • Check in, Check out & Versioning
  • Object – leval access permissions
  • Supports linking of documents
Indexing & Metadata Management
  • Add user-defined metadata and indexes to documents/folders
  • Keyword tagging
  • Full text indexing of both image & electronic documents
Document Import
  • MS-Office, File systems
  • Fax, Email
  • CSV-based bulk services
  • HTTP/FTP based uploads
Search & Information Access
  • Search for documents or folders on profile, created/modified date etc.
  • Search on user-defined indexes
  • Full text search
Document Capture Scanning
Product Scanning
  • Image assisted data entry
  • Image cleaning and enhancement techniques
  • Automatic document separation using form separator, blank page barcode
  • Built-in quality audit
Distributed Capture
  • Supports distributed scanning with centralized management
  • Web based thin client
  • Dynamic template selection
  • Policy-based upload to central repository for bandwidth and time optimization
  • Facility of scanning remotely and indexing centrally
Data Extraction
  • Defining zones for data extraction
  • Data extraction through MICR, barcode recognition etc.
Other highlights
  • Support for TWAIN/ISIS/SANE
  • Avaiable on linux
  • Scanning raw batches through MFPs
High Volume Imaging
Enterprise Archival
  • Repository of enterprise’s documents
  • Rights-based archival
  • Structure & Classification
  • Highly scalable
Image Server
  • Separate Image Server repository for storage & retrieval of images
  • Index information kept in database
  • Images organized into stacks of documents called Volumes and Volume-Blocks
Distributed Deployment
  • Support image repositiories distributed across multiple locations
  • Support for image caching, replication and pre fetching
  • Significantly improves user access time and optimizes load on bandwidth
Image Enablement
  • Associate & retrieve documents with CBS transactions (viz loan papers)
  • Integration with ERP, CRM, core banking and insurance applications
Record Management System
Record Classification
  • Records classification into file, file parts and file plan
  • Functional security for users through extensive rights management and audit logs
Standards & Certifications
  • Complies to DoD 5015.2 standards.
  • Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) certified
Retention & Disposition
  • Policies for acquisition, classification, retention, movement and disposition
Physical Document Tracking
  • Tracking of physical movement of documents among users of the branch
  • Transfer note generation and tracking for sending documents to central location
  • Accept/Reject documents attached with the transfer notes
  • Report/Searches
Document Collaboration & Publishing
Document Routing
  • User to user document routing
  • Centralized document tracking
  • Collaboration in a secure environment through action-items
  • Facility to act upon, forward, return or complete action-items
Sharing and Collaboration
  • Enables creation of corporate team & individual knowledge repositories
  • Discussion forums, Q&A, bulletin boards
  • Schedule meetings, events and share travel plan and calendar
  • Search content across knowledge repository
Document Publishing
  • Publishing content to portal
  • Rendering templates for publishing
  • Content publishing, expiry and version control
Email Archival – Key Features & Functionalities
  • Mail capture uing journaling
  • Provide access to the archive via a web client
  • Includes auditing capabilities to track access to archived records
  • Integrated with records management solution for retention & disposition
  • Strong search capabilities
  • Supports IMAP

Case Study

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OmniDocs ActiveScript

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