Corporate and Retail Internet Banking

SimBank Internet Banking is a smart and efficient software solution for Core Banking Solutions adopted by Banks. The system addresses Bank’s need for a centralized system that can support both on-line and off-line bank branches. The solution features interactive and rich user interfaces for enhanced user experience. The ease of customization allows each bank to align the solution to their business process and requirements. Widget based configuration and basic HTML manipulation allows the solution to align with bank’s existing web presence. The solution is platform independent and easily integrates with any banking system using standard messaging interfaces. For example: ISO, Web Services, EJBS.

SimBank Internet Banking solution offers fast and efficient 24/7 banking services to both corporate and individual clients. The clients can carry out financial transactions from the comfort of their homes, offices, businesses etc. the bank customers can access their banking services any time they need to.

It also enhances security and privacy in that no third party is aware of the fact that the customer has done financial transactions hence reducing cases of robbery and fraud. The solution also enhances fast financial transactions in business setting by interfacing bank account with Internet banking services.

The Solution is comprehensive & covers:
  • Retail Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • System Administration
Key Benefits of Solution
  • Highly Customizable User Interface
  • Accelerates customer provisioning of service and turnaround time of customer interactions
  • Trusted Online Security against theft, frauds by increasing privacy
  • Reduces IT support associated with customer service, which is a constant hassle for bank’s staff as well as IT Support
  • Scalable & Fully Compliant for next generation of Internet Banking services
  • Enable distribution of financial services in remote locations with minimum connectivity and infrastructure when trying to serve the unbanked population