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Think Digital, Think Simba !

Simba Technology Limited established in 1996 is a pioneer in providing digital and enterprise software solution and services in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. With more than 100 qualified Professionals who bring a combination of rich domain expertise and strong technical skills, the company brings laser focus in delivering tangible business value to its customers. The company has value added partnerships with renowned international companies like Infosys Technologies, NewGen Technology, Edge Verve Systems, Customer XP’s, Suntec Solutions, Drishti Solutions to name a few.

Simba has successfully implemented projects for solutions ranging from Core Banking, Internet & Mobile banking, Queue & Smart Branch Management Solutions, Business Process Management & ERP Solutions across industries like banking, Insurance and government.


  • To be a Trusted Advisor to clients
  • To add value to customer’s existing operations by bringing in the best of innovative solutions from across the globe and help them increasing their shareholder value
  • To have laser focus on timely delivery and enhance customer satisfaction at affordable costs
  • To deliver the highest quality of delivery standards and provide world-class training and build a skilled workforce in the East Africa region

From MD’s Desk ….

Computerization became the buzzword in the corporate world during the mid 90s. It actually meant putting a few PCs on the table and saying you have ‘computerized’. However, nobody took notice of what drove neither the PCs nor the ROI behind computerization.

Operating systems and applications were available at exorbitant prices whilst the manpower required to put applications to use was even more costly. In the year 2000, Simba took the challenge to develop local skills and make the adoption of IT affordable to business houses thereby increasing output and achieving efficiency.

Keeping Vision 2030 in mind, Simba is keen in playing a leading role in the digital transformation journey of our clients and the nation at large. Simba is focused in bringing the latest technology innovations across the globe to East Africa. Simba is also committed to work closely with our clients in this territory helping them derive value out of implementing these solutions effectively.

We will continue in our endeavor to recruit and train resources from East Africa and contribute to create a world-class skilled resource base.

Mamta Jatania