Advanced Bill Payment

Advanced Bill payment Solution (ABP) is an ATM-like machine used to pay utility bills instead of withdrawing cash from a bank account. The Advanced Bill payment Solution can be programmed to accept payments from only one utility, like the water company, or from many utilities, like the water, natural gas, electric, and phone companies.

Advanced Bill payment Solution provides one stop shopping for consumers. The water, Electric, and phone bills can all be paid in one place at one time.

Advance Bill Payment empowers businesses to automate a wide-range of processes including complex banking transactions, customer-facing retail and hospitality interactions, and the secure printing of sensitive information and negotiable documents. Our ABP kiosks support multiple applications including bill payment, price checker, quick serve orders, and digital signage. Our secure printers and MICR printing solutions support even the most time- and information-sensitive applications, such as payroll, accounts payable and prescription printing.

Advanced Bill payment kiosks also benefit utility companies. Employees of the utility companies spend less time processing payments from endless lines of customers, and spend more time taking care of the few customers with special needs or other necessary tasks. Advanced Bill payment kiosks also have a lower cost for upkeep when compared to hiring more staff to process consumer payments. The cost of hiring enough personnel to accept utility payments 24 hours a day would be prohibitive for any company, but the comparatively low cost of upkeep of a ABP kiosk allows utility companies’ to provide this service to customers.

Advance Bill Payment-accepting technology can help boost a retailer’s bottom line. By partnering with a service provider such as a utility company to accept payments, retailers draw more customers into the store, increasing revenue. Advance Bill Payment kiosk can increase the efficiency of accepting payments, without taking up the time of store employees.

Advance Bill Payment kiosks offer benefits to payers, billers and retailers. Payers enjoy the flexibility of paying on time but without having to write a check, while billers see significant cost savings. And retailers increase revenue and give customers yet another reason to stop by the store.