A large tier one bank in Kenya, signs up with Simba TAB field marketing solution

A large tier one bank in Kenya,  signs up with Simba TAB field marketing solution to acquire more remote customers in the quickest possible time. The bank has recruited  400 field agents.

Whilst acquiring  a customer may not be a difficult task,  the challenge at the bank was to process the application at the back end after thorough due diligence and adherence to CBK bank regulations.  This process often created a delay in opening an account/processing loan etc and the customer was never in the clear picture.  With the solution in place,  the bank is able to track the application on real time work flow and keep the customer informed at any time.  The transmission of photograph and key documents is also done in an encrypted mode to keep all the details confidential.  The system will also allow the the bank to achieve all documents in a structured manner for future use and compliance.

In fullness of time,  the bank intends to port many of their processes on this platform and achieve efficiency.