PAX Insurance signs with Simba/Agile for core insurance and Human Resource Management system

PAX Insurance signs with Simba/Agile for core insurance and Human Resource Management system for their operations in Uganda.  After a six month evaluation process,  PAX, one of the leading providers of insurance services in Uganda, opted for total solution from Agile / Simba.  The solution covers General Insurance and HRMS.  The project will be completed and handed over in 3weeks.

A large tier one bank in Kenya, signs up with Simba TAB field marketing solution

A large tier one bank in Kenya,  signs up with Simba TAB field marketing solution to acquire more remote customers in the quickest possible time. The bank has recruited  400 field agents.

Whilst acquiring  a customer may not be a difficult task,  the challenge at the bank was to process the application at the back end after thorough due diligence and adherence to CBK bank regulations.  This process often created a delay in opening an account/processing loan etc and the customer was never in the clear picture.  With the solution in place,  the bank is able to track the application on real time work flow and keep the customer informed at any time.  The transmission of photograph and key documents is also done in an encrypted mode to keep all the details confidential.  The system will also allow the the bank to achieve all documents in a structured manner for future use and compliance.

In fullness of time,  the bank intends to port many of their processes on this platform and achieve efficiency.

The Standard Gauge Railway will automate their HR/PR, time attendance system with Simba R 3 system

CRBC –China Roads Board Corporation, part of the consortium building Kenya’s largest infrastructure project – The Standard Gauge Railway will automate their HR/PR, time attendance system with Simba R 3 system, which stands for Recruit, Retain, Reward.  The consortium currently has 20 thousand employees on the project and this figure is likely to go up as the prestigious project progresses.  The system will measure productivity, calculate benefits and statutory obligations to keep the project costs in check on the labour front.

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Simba wins Managed Service Assignment from a leading bank in Kenya…..

Fast growing bank with over 75 branches awards Simba

Technology Limited  contract to implement NAC (Network Access Control) Solution for their Head Office.  Network Access Control (NAC) is a subset of complete LAN Security services and features. There are two categories of NAC functionality, Pre-Connect  and Post-Connect.

NAC has traditional been associated with pre-connect access control only. Post-connect is the most important aspect of LAN security since it monitors and controls the flow of data to and from the endpoint throughout the user’s connection to the network.

Simba is implementing a NAC strategy for the bank; an enterprises class solution to managed users (guests, contractors, business partners, etc.) and has the ability to have a single approach for both types of users that can be quickly rolled out without the requirement of agent software on endpoints can translate to significant operational cost savings. NAC implementation for the bank will develop in to  a full scale strategy to protect users, endpoints, and the network infrastructure from threats to data confidentiality, integrity and availability. Additionally the capabilities of NAC is to preventing unauthorized access attempts by users, protect the endpoint from network-borne attacks, and to control the threats faced by endpoints that expose network assets and disrupt availability.  The configuration has a built in back up facility.

After a strict evaluation criteria and conducting a successful POC,  simba was awarded the contract.

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